6. A Light In Chorus

    "The art style initially came out of research for an art project about the history of visual technologies I was doing. I’d been looking at these high resolution multi-beam SONAR scans that were being used to monitor dangerous shipwrecks. The point clouds that these techniques produced- both in their raw and post-processed states- made these sunken ships seem even more haunting than they ordinarily are- I wanted to be able to walk around and explore them more. One of the most interesting parts of designing a game within this visual framework is being able to convey seemingly large amounts of information with quite a limited bandwidth format (points). We can present objects which seem in one sense quite solid (sometimes even photographic from a distance) that then dissipate or make less sense when you get up close. Relying heavily on players’ tendency to subconsciously fill in the blanks opens up a lot of interesting possibilities in gameplay experiences that we’re excited to continue exploring." - Eliott Johnson

  8. White Night