3. Drift Stage

    The art style was inspired by early 2.5D racing games, I tried to make a 3D art style that captured that same feel, but in 3D. There something appealing about small, detailed objects like model cars. I think Drift Stages art captures some of that with its sharp pixels.

    - Charles Blanchard

  5. Genesis Noir

    "Genesis Noir is inspired by Italo Calvino’s collection of short stories, Cosmicomics. Using a scientific premise like "Before the Big Bang, all matter and energy was condensed into a single point," Calvino builds otherworldly stories with cosmic beings that exist across time and have no definite form. This abstracted sensibility of space and form lends itself to a very graphic aesthetic. Physical environment are not realistically modeled, but a scene implied through illustration and design. Other influences include the motion graphics by Buck, drawings by Daehyun Kim, and games by Vectorpark."

    - Evan Anthony

  7. The Paper Fox

    The style is imperfect low poly, modelled and textured in such a way to give the look of real paper-craft and origami.

    - Jeremy Kool

  8. Interloper is an intense real-time strategy game about alien tribes vying for control over a lush, newly discovered world.

  10. "If you’re interested in a game I made with some pixel art athmosphere, you can check out this: http://raphsfeir.itch.io/facade

    - RaphSfeir