1. Monument Valley

    Ken Wong - “One aspect that distinguishes the visuals of Monument Valley is composition, or how elements are arranged within the frame of the screen. Most games have a camera that pans around or moves in 3d space. In addition, the layout of a level is usually informed by gameplay, rather than aesthetics. In Monument Valley we decided to make graphic composition not only an important part of the aesthetics, but also an integral part of the play experience. In the early stages of development we struggled a lot with how to move between the various locations within a level. We tried allowing the player to pan and zoom at will, but we found that whenever the player changed the frame, an important part of the game was lost. So we committed ourselves to fixed cameras, and designed levels with this constraint in mind.”

  2. CloudyTown USA

    Julian Glander I’m an illustrator/animator by trade, and for my first game I was really hoping to make something easy on the eyes. Some inspirations for the look: Grandma Moses paintings, low poly artist/genius/cool guy Timothy Reynolds, the David Oreilly Adventure Time episode where they get turned 3D, and a lot of 50’s-ish small town Americana stuff like this old Life board game with the cool single-color buildings.

    You can find Julian on Tumblr


  5. If you’re enjoying the blog, I’d like to point you towards Game Logos! I have no idea who runs it, but our formats are very similar.